Equipment & Industrial Product Manufacturing

Equipment manufacturers: Making things that make things.


Manufacturers make things.  Things that individuals throughout the world rely on every day: consumer products, industrial components, food and beverages, automobiles and automobile parts, home-building supplies, concrete for roads and buildings.  The list is endless — literally.  But to make things, manufacturers need equipment, and that is where equipment manufacturers step up to the plate.  In short, equipment manufacturers make the things that make things.

Given Foley’s Midwestern roots, equipment manufacturers have been at the core of our client base since the firm’s inception.  With our longstanding relationships in the Manufacturing space, we understand the unique and varied challenges that equipment manufacturers face: from sourcing and supply to intellectual property and branding, sales and distribution, service and repair, leasing, warranties, recalls, and strategic expansion as well as the dynamic competitive and regulatory environments that overlay day-to-day operations.  Our practitioners work side by side with equipment manufacturers not only to proactively navigate these challenges but also to successfully implement the innovations and technological advancements that are so common in the equipment manufacturing industry.

Foley truly is (and always has been) a partner to equipment manufacturers throughout North America and the world.  Our talent, capabilities, and approach to providing legal and business advice to equipment manufacturers goes well beyond the traditional large law firm’s abilities because it is grounded in a deep understanding of the equipment manufacturing business. This acumen allows the firm and its lawyers to provide timely, solutions-focused advice on the full range of questions and issues that arise for such companies’ operations.

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Foley’s Equipment & Industrial Product Manufacturing Team offers its clients an interactive electronic resource for up-to-date information on distribution and franchise laws in every U.S. state (as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands). To access the map, go to

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