Racial Justice & Equity

Prisoner Rights

Foley attorneys represent incarcerated individuals whose civil rights have been violated/infringed upon. These matters range from wrongful convictions work, First and Fourteenth Amendment rights cases, and challenge to prison conditions. These matters provide an opportunity for Foley attorneys to share their legal expertise with some of the most vulnerable members of society, who are disproportionately racially diverse.

Foley’s Recent Work:

Rosa Estella Olvera Jimenez v. Bobby Lumpkin (Director of Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Correctional Institutions Division)

Foley trial lawyers worked with the Innocence Project to obtain justice for Rosa Jimenez, a woman wrongfully convicted of murdering an infant who choked on a wad of paper towels.

Human Rights Defense Center

Foley attorneys assist the Human Rights Defense Center in the protection of prisoners’ First and Fourteenth Amendment Rights.

Equal Justice Initiative

Foley team members work with the Equal Justice Initiative to support a lawsuit challenging the prison conditions in Alabama.