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In the decade since Dodd-Frank subjected most private funds to formal SEC oversight, the global rules and regulations applicable to private (and registered) funds continue to grow with no sign of abating. Foley Funds Legal Focus tracks and reports on legal, regulatory & enforcement trends impacting participants across the spectrum of private and other funds, from GPs and LPs to placement agents and broker-dealers, and focuses on issues impacting fundraising and investment funds law within the U.S., the Cayman Islands, Europe and beyond. Stay up to date and ahead of the curve with our key publications addressing today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities for private and other fund industry participants.  

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Registered Funds SEC Enforcement SEC Regulation and De-regulation
AIFMD and Non US Regulation Investment Advisers Act Litigation and Dispute
Private Funds Broker Dealer Exchange Act Investment Company Act of 1940
SEC Examinations Funds Regulation  

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