Burr and Los Angeles TIC Event

04 June 2007 California Real Estate Journal News

The California Real Estate Journal featured a Foley Executive Briefing Series panel discussion on tenant-in-common (TIC) offerings held in Los Angeles on May 15, 2007. This program was for real estate developers and owners, lenders, commercial real estate brokers, securities broker-dealers, and investment advisors actively involved in, or considering involvement in, TIC offerings. (View event page)

Boston-based Foley partner Steve Burr was quoted in the article as leader of the event. Burr commented on the appeal of oil and gas TIC investments because of low minimums and the opportunities for diversification. He also mentioned that such investments have certain risks that include price instability and additional operating costs. The article also quoted other members of the panel on the availability of new TIC possibilities in natural resources and high-profile recreation properties as well as the general good health of the TIC market.


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