Neppl Quoted on the FTC and Patent Trolls

20 June 2013 Law360 News


Partner Gregory E. Neppl was quoted in a Law360 article on June 20, 2013, titled, “FTC Will Need Help Tackling ‘Patent Trolls’ After Probe.” The article provides perspective on how the Federal Trade Commission will need broader assistance and time to study in order to address the patent troll issue. Neppl indicated that the FTC will need to leverage its subpoena power in investigating patent assertion entities, since “one allegation that is made against them is that they are opaque and operate in an opaque world.” He also stated it will likely take a long time before its known evidence will empower the FTC to act against regular trolls, since the FTC faces the complex task of issuing subpoenas to patent assertion entities, conducting interviews and issuing a report.