Gardere Employees Help Purchase Wheelchair for Disabled Therapy Dog

31 August 2014 News

The Rockwall County Herald Banner featured an update on former shelter dog, Arlo Baker, who was rescued by the Oak Hill Animal Rescue in 2008. After being found homeless and crippled on the streets of Irving, Texas, Arlo was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease which had progressed to the point that he no longer had use of his hind legs. Through donations raised by the Firm committee Gardere Cares About Animals, Arlo was fitted for a makeshift wheelchair and was able to walk again.

Since receiving his new wheels, Arlo is doing so much more than just walking. He currently serves as a member of the Volunteer Service Corps at Baylor University Medical Center, where he is part of the Animal Assisted Therapy program comprised of 90 specially-trained dogs that visit 19 different Baylor hospitals. Arlo visits patients in the rehabilitative unit who have suffered injuries or accidents causing physical impairment and feelings of hopelessness, some of which are coping with a new life of limited mobility. He brings a smile to the faces of many individuals who face a long road to recovery. Patients see Arlo and hear his story, and are further encouraged to face the battles ahead of them.

"Arlo loves what he does. The patients respond to Arlo even after some doctors have tried all conventional medical treatments," said Jim Baker, Arlo's adoptive father. "People who are facing sudden handicaps see Arlo and suddenly respond."

Gardere Cares About Animals is a volunteer committee comprised of Firm employees who have a passion for animal welfare. Since its inception in 2008, the committee has raised funds to provide three dogs with wheelchairs, assisted numerous shelters and non-profit organizations with monetary contributions, supplies and hands-on support in the aid of neglected animals, and are dedicated participants for SPCA's Annual Strut Your Mutt event.

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