Jessica Mason Discusses the Increase in Wage-and-Hour Lawsuits

22 December 2014 News

The Dallas Morning News covered the increase in wage-and-hour lawsuits filed in Texas by workers and federal regulators. According to legal experts, a significant portion of the wage-and-hour cases being filed are simply because business owners and managers do not understand the guidelines.

Gardere Labor and Employment Partner Jessica Glatzer Mason said defense attorneys are seeing more cases that aren't cut and dried. "We are seeing more of the 'you didn't properly pay me for driving time' or 'you didn't pay me for the time it takes me to get into my uniform or to shower after the chemical part of my work is done,'" Ms. Mason said. "Employers who are trying in good faith to comply with the law don't always know the right answer."

This article, which originally appeared in its entirety in the Texas Lawbook on Dec. 11, can be accessed by subscribers here. The Dallas Morning News article can be found here.

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