Berg Quoted on Legal Issues Surrounding Cellphone Decryption

29 February 2016 New York Times News

New York Times

Special Counsel Eric Berg was quoted in a New York Times article, “Apple Wins Ruling in New York iPhone Hacking Order,” on February 29, 2016. The article discussed the complex legal issues surrounding the government requests to unlock personal phones tied to various crimes and corruption. Most recently, a federal magistrate judge denied a government request for Apple to extract data from an iPhone related to a drug case, giving pro-privacy cases a leg up. Berg said the decision is not binding for the San Bernardino case and he was quoted saying, “From a technical, legal standpoint, it doesn’t really have much of an effect in the California districts. [But] if you start with public opinion, this is going to be viewed as a victory for the privacy lobby and a defeat for the government in that battle over privacy.”