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In a global economy driven by digital everything, data is at the core of every client’s growth strategy. As the value of data increases so do concerns about its privacy and security. Indeed, the scope and frequency of security incidents and data breaches continues to rise annually, affecting companies of all sizes across every industry. The financial and reputational impact of suffering a cyber-incident can be significant, especially in the United States where a complex regulatory landscape can increase the costs exponentially. Similarly, keeping pace and complying with rapidly changing state, federal, and international data protection laws demands prioritization, planning, and continuous monitoring to avoid regulator investigations, lawsuits, reputational damage and related penalties. Maximizing your data assets — while minimizing risk — requires finding the right partner to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity and data privacy.

Foley & Lardner’s cybersecurity and data privacy attorneys focus on proactive, preventive measures — working to anticipate, avoid, and mitigate risks before issues arise. As seasoned, highly credentialed professionals with a deep reservoir of knowledge and a track record of success, we leverage decades of handling cybersecurity and data privacy incidents, along with deep regulatory, technology contracting, corporate, and litigation experience.

Our integrated, cross-disciplinary team works closely with clients to create and implement cost-effective, layered cybersecurity and data privacy programs mapped to their unique business and data environments, emerging legal compliance requirements, and industry standards and frameworks. Our services address the full range of needs for data mapping, security risk and data privacy impact assessments, policy and procedure development, consumer rights playbooks, AdTech compliance, contract review, M&A due diligence, pre-incident planning and preparedness, incident rapid response, and post-incident resolution of government investigations, enforcement actions, and litigation. If and when a data event does occur, we take care of the heavy lifting, coordinating and negotiating with state and federal regulators and law enforcement, and spearheading the rapid response process — from information security, forensics, ransom and cyber extortion, and disaster recovery to business continuity, public relations, and insurance. We also leverage our collective knowledgebase to support innovative technology companies as leaders in the cybersecurity and data privacy marketplace.

By collaborating with Foley, we offer comprehensive, end-to-end guidance and advice on lessons learned while leveraging our extensive library of policies, procedures, privacy notices, playbooks, model contracts, data breach notification templates, M&A due diligence forms and agreements, and training tools to ensure our clients are aligned with best practices in the continually changing compliance and risk landscape.

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