Overly Quoted on Data Storage and Federal Surveillance

15 July 2016 Wall Street Journal News

Wall Street Journal

Partner Michael Overly was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article, “U.S. to Allow Foreigners to Serve Warrants on U.S. Internet Firms,” on July 15, 2016. The article discussed the Obama administration’s proposed series of agreements with foreign governments that would allow access to serve U.S. technology companies with warrants for email searches or wiretaps. The agreements were announced shortly after a federal appeals court ruled that federal warrants couldn’t be used to search data held overseas. Overly explained the complexities of data storage and how the ruling could lead to Microsoft rivals that offer email, document storage and other data storage services, but which haven’t designed systems to store data locally, to alter their networks. Overly was quoted saying, “[Internet companies] themselves can’t tell where the data is minute from minute because it’s moving dynamically.”

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