Bannard Quoted on McCarran’s Potential Marijuana Ad Ban

02 August 2017 Las Vegas Sun News
Partner David Bannard was quoted in a Las Vegas Sun article, “Marijuana Advertisements Might Be Banned from Las Vegas Airport,” covering why Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport wants to ban taxis bearing marijuana ads from transporting passengers to and from the airport.

“[McCarren doesn’t] want to create an atmosphere that suggests they’re pushing people toward [marijuana]. Airports may (already) limit hard alcohol; they may limit political advertisements. This is just an extension of that,” Bannard explained.

He added that public perception of marijuana “continues to be an issue that people are uncomfortable about. People (in the aviation industry) talk about damage that’s not physical but reputational. Airports really work hard to maintain their good image. Airports in this country are so safe and so well run. Even when (marijuana) is legal to possess, given a choice, it makes more sense to preserve that perception.”