CNET Covers Equifax Data Breach With Commentary From Peter Vogel

08 September 2017 News

Peter Vogel, chair of Gardere’s internet, eCommerce and technology team, spoke with CNET about the Equifax data breach and the options that victims have following the hack.  

“The courts generally require that there be a click agreement,” Vogel said. “There isn’t a click agreement on the TrustedID terms of use page. You could make an argument that the arbitration provisions [wouldn’t] apply.”

Vogel is renowned as both a trial and transactional lawyer who deeply understands technology, science and intellectual property, and the opportunities and problems they pose for clients. Governments and administrative agencies, as well as major corporations and emerging businesses, rely on Vogel to get right to the heart of an information technology or e-discovery dispute; he knows what to expect and how it will play out in the courtroom.

The entire article is available here.

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