Foley Attorneys Discuss Disruptions in the Auto Industry, 2017 Connected Car Survey

30 October 2017 Automotive World News
Partners Todd Rumberger, Steve Hilfinger and David Kantaros were quoted in an Automotive World article, “Accelerated Tech Innovation Disrupts Traditional Supply Chain,” about the results of Foley & Lardner LLP’s 2017 Connected Cars & Autonomous Vehicles Survey, and how the automotive industry is being disrupted by technological advances with the rise of connected and autonomous vehicles. These lawyers were heavily quoted throughout the article, but snapshots of their comments are below.

In reflecting on the new types of collaborations playing out across the industry, Rumberger explained, “Whether Silicon Valley and Detroit are on a collision course or a collaborative and integrated path forward remains to be seen, but in the near-term, we expect each will continue to do what they do best – innovate and produce.”

Hilfinger added, “We’ve seen numerous collaborations between Detroit and Silicon Valley and other geographies as non-traditional players become involved. Many Silicon Valley firms have offices in the Detroit area, and many of the auto concerns are setting up in Silicon Valley. We’re also seeing collaborations across different tiers in the supply chain.”

On industry competition over the next three years, Kantaros said, “Industry stalwarts recognize that competition is now coming from all sides and must be taken seriously. As various participants seek market share in this ripe area, we anticipate continued disruption in the automotive industry and new types of collaborations between automotive and technology companies to drive innovation.”

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