Tantleff Discusses GDPR-Related Lawsuits

25 May 2018 SC Magazine News
Partner Aaron Tantleff was quoted in an SC Magazine article, “GDPR Is on the Books, Google, Facebook Face Lawsuits, Others Scramble to Comply,” about the lawsuits already filed in the EU against Facebook and Google alleging that the two tech companies have not complied with the new privacy regulations.

Other companies, meanwhile, have chosen to make their websites go dark due to concerns about compliance, but that action may not have been necessary, Tantleff said.

“While some of the companies going offline are most likely doing so because their business model depended, in some part, upon processing personal information in what would be in conflict with the GDPR (and perhaps in conflict with the former data directive), likely making them prime targets for early action and substantial fines, the majority of those going offline probably did not need to. Many of the companies going offline subjecting themselves to ridicule on the internet allowing the commentators to draw conclusions and labeling such companies as evil," he said.