Neuberger Discusses Future of Public-Sector Unions Following Janus

02 July 2018 The National Law Journal News
Partner Mark Neuberger was quoted in a National Law Journal article, “3 Predictions After the Supreme Court’s Blow to Public-Sector Unions,” about the expected impact of the Supreme Court’s ruling that public-sector unions can’t force nonmembers to pay fees to cover collective bargaining costs.

Neuberger said the decision will continue a developing trend in the private sector, where a growing number of states have passed laws that outlaw all forms of mandatory union dues. “This decision will weaken the effectiveness, both economically but also politically, for all public sector unions in the 22 states that as of yesterday allowed compulsory agency fees,” he said. “On a grander scale, for good or for worse, this decision will lead to a further decline in the percentage of the American workforce that is unionized.”

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