Block Discusses Using Blockchain Technology to Help Homeless Access Social Services

01 October 2018 LegalTech News News
Associate Eddie Block was quoted in a LegalTech News article, “Austin is Exploring the Future of Blockchain Identity Solutions, but Implementation Isn’t Easy,” about a pilot project that aims to provide the homeless population in Austin, Texas, with a way to access the personally identifying information they will need to receive social services such as health care.

For such a project to work, Block said, the platform would first need to earn the trust of its user base. “There are a number of homeless folks who have a suspicion of giving their details to any kind of government authority,” he said.

Because the platform will handle sensitive personal information, it will also need to comply with state and federal data protection laws, Block added. “For example, if you’re trying to maintain health information on individuals, you’re going to presumably implicate HIPAA regulations,” he said.

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