Doyle Commented on Whether Midterm Elections Will Revive Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord

09 November 2018 E&E News News
Former Wisconsin Governor and Of Counsel Jim Doyle was quoted in an E&E News article, “Blue Wave Could Bring the Midwest Climate Change Band Back Together,” about whether the new crop of Democratic governors elected into office in Midwestern states this will support efforts aimed at reviving the Midwest Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord.

“When we started on this in 2007, climate change was not a partisan issue," Doyle said. "We really were a group of diverse leaders with a common understanding that this was a problem that deserved our attention."

Looking at today's radically changed Midwestern political landscape, Doyle said he is confident climate policy will become a priority again, both within states and among them. "I don't see any reason why these Democratic governors would not move forward on this," he said.

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