Khan Comments on Challenges of Implementing AI

05 April 2019 Corporate Counsel News
Partner Shabbi Khan was quoted in a Corporate Counsel article, “Challenges in Implementing AI Include Staffing and Knowing What to Use It for,” about the challenges legal departments face as they work to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Khan said a lot of companies are paying top dollar to have data scientists do very specific jobs, which dissuades them from creating their own companies and stifles innovation. “It’s hard to find enough talent for a given vertical who are equipped to handle these machine learning types of environments,” he said.

One of the reasons in-house legal departments are not creating their own artificial intelligence programs is the expense, he added. “As a company your argument is that ‘we might save costs,’ but you have to spend $100,000 to find out if you’ll save anything,” he said. “It is not a low-cost implementation.”

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