Tantleff Quoted in Digiday About How the CCPA Will Impact Advertising

09 December 2019 Digiday News
Partner Aaron Tantleff was quoted in the Digiday article, ‘We’re not going to play around’: Ad industry grapples with California’s ambiguous privacy law,” about how many businesses are still grappling with what the California Consumer Privacy Act requires of their advertising practices.

While the California attorney general’s office is expected to clarify enforcement rules, many companies are taking conservative initial approaches to ensure they are compliant with the law by pulling back on targeted advertising and adopting limits on what they do with the data they receive from other companies.

“Digital advertisers use a variety of types of information that may be personal and is exchanged with other companies in order to fulfill their purpose or their services. Whether that meets the definition of sale under CCPA is questionable in some cases,” said Tantleff.

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