Brinckerhoff Quoted in IP Watchdog About PAIR Changes

30 January 2020 IP Watchdog News
Partner Courtenay Brinckerhoff, Vice Chair of the Intellectual Property Owners Association’s Patent Office Practice Committee, was quoted in the IP Watchdog  article, “Users Lament PAIR Changes During USPTO Forum.” Brinckerhoff said that Private PAIR is also problematic. “To the extent the separation [between Public and Private PAIR] was supposed to help Private PAIR, it’s broken,” she said.  “I’m having better luck getting into Public PAIR to check a case, but I can’t get everything [I need].”
Brinckerhoff added that such hindrances are particularly problematic in the case of portfolio transfers, for instance. “The first thing our transfer team does is go on to PAIR to verify the status and get an update; that’s significantly handicapped by this change. It’s time sensitive.”

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