Strode, Donovan Comment on Private Equity’s Interest in Autism Providers

21 January 2020 Behavioral Health Business News

Partners Roger Strode and Chris Donovan were quoted in a Behavioral Health Business article, “Private Equity Hungry for Autism Providers, Consolidation Will Accelerate,” about a boom in private equity’s interest in autism providers.

Strode said that’s good news for small providers interested in being added on to existing platforms. But there’s still plenty of appetite for larger autism providers, too. “There are a number of larger private equity sponsors out there that don’t have [autism] platforms yet,” he said.

Donovan said the bottleneck in a lot of autism services at the moment is the diagnosis. “It’s interesting to see some of the … platforms now establishing a clinician arm tasked with actually doing the diagnosis, in addition to providing therapy,” he said.

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