Neuberger Quoted in CNN Business About What Furloughed Workers Can Expect

01 April 2020 CNN Business News
Of Counsel Mark Neuberger was quoted in the CNN Business article, “Stuck at Home, But Can’t Do Your Job Remotely? Here’s What to Expect.”

Many employers are having to make tough calls on the fly as the COVID-19 pandemic plays out and wreaks havoc on the economy. Some are trying to figure out if they can keep employees on the payroll or if they should furlough them with an implicit promise to bring them back when things improve. Or if they should lay them off altogether.

Furloughing can have benefits implications, Neuberger said. Depending on how a company's health plan is written, the employer may continue subsidizing furloughed workers' health insurance premiums, whereas that might not be allowed for laid-off workers.

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