Ung Quoted in Bloomberg Law About Process for Health Care Providers to Receive Relief Aid

11 June 2020 Bloomberg Law News
Partner Diane Ung was quoted in the Bloomberg Law article, “Medicaid Providers Fear Delay in Getting Promised Relief Aid,” about the process non-hospital providers  eligible for relief aid from the Department of Health and Human Services will have to navigate in order to apply for the aid.
Those providers eligible for the funding will be required to submit revenue information through a new online provider portal and await validation of their claims before seeing any money. The process may include some back and forth between HHS and providers, some of whom may be asked to provide additional information.
Information that the providers must submit include federal tax returns for 2017-2019, the first quarter federal tax return for 2020, a federal unemployment tax return, a worksheet for calculating the provider’s number of full-time employees, and a worksheet for calculating gross revenue.
Interacting with the portal could be daunting for some smaller providers, Ung said.  “Many smaller providers have less experience with reporting this kind of data,” she said. “We’re talking about pediatricians and dentists here, they haven’t been required to do much of this, and they could find it intimidating.”

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