Sharma Comments on Team Valuations in COVID-19 Era

30 August 2020 Forbes News

Special Advisor Bobby Sharma was quoted in a Forbes article, “Mets Sale May Shed Light On Team Valuations In Covid-19 Era, But Esports Should Tempt Investors, Too,” about the potential effects that game cancellations and the absence of live fans due to the coronavirus will have on a major sports franchise’s value.


Sharma said that NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB franchises are best compared to real estate holdings at a time like this: The best properties at the best addresses are going to hold their value, though other properties in other areas are probably facing a different situation.


But COVID-19 has likely been a big boost to the esports industry, which hasn’t faced the headwinds of traditional sports, Sharma said. “Stay-at-home orders have proven to be a bonanza for the industry,” he said. “From Riot Games’ League of Legends to Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch League and newly formed Call of Duty League to Epic Games’ Fortnite, viewership and franchise values in the esports industy have seen dramatic increases.”


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