Chmielewski and Faget Discuss the Momentum of Virtual Clinical Trials Post-COVID in a Q&A with Clinical Leader

17 September 2020 Clinical Leader News

Partner Monica Chmielewski and Of Counsel Kyle Faget were interviewed in the Clinical Leader column, “Can Virtual Trials Maintain Their Momentum After COVID?” about the future of virtual clinical trials post-COVID.


Prior to COVID-19, there were many discussions about how it might be possible to conduct clinical trials in a virtual setting, using technology and innovative measures. While that technology was arguably available long before COVID-19, it really had not been embraced or utilized in a widespread manner. Now that has all changed. COVID-19 has forced this issue to the forefront, and even the FDA is focused on advancing virtual trials. In March, the agency urged sponsors and CROs to adopt a virtual approach to the conduct of clinical trials, in an attempt to slow the spread of the disease.

Chmielewski and Faget discussed what technological, logistical and hurdles remain for the industry to fully implement a virtual approach to the conduct of clinical trials. Read the full Q&A here.

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