Wisconsin Law Journal Highlights Foley Lawyers Working in Milwaukee to Protect Election

01 December 2020 Wisconsin Law Journal News

The Wisconsin Law Journal highlighted the work of Foley lawyers from around the country who came to Wisconsin on election day to work at polls to insure voters a smooth voting experience.


‘“I wanted to make sure that we were able to have all of the precincts well-staffed so everyone can vote,” said Kelsey Boehm said, an associate in the Milwaukee office. She was inspired to volunteer after seeing long lines in the April primaries.


Nearly 20 attorneys from the Milwaukee volunteered; other Foley lawyers flew in from other parts of the country to volunteer. The lawyers included Of Counsel Bruce Keyes, Associate Kevin Brost and Senior Counsel Ruben Rodrigues, who flew in from Boston.


Rodrigues spent the day as a poll observer in  Racine and noted that the Democratic and Republican observers were kind and respectful as they all worked toward a common goal of ensuring democracy would be served. “That’s what’s really happening, I think, throughout the country as these counts go on,” Rodrigues told the Wisconsin Law Journal. “You’ve got good people on both sides showing up, and its comforting and good to see, despite what certain headlines may say. At the end of the day, the process is working.”


Keyes spent the day with Boehm at a polling site at Marquette University. Their experience included helping assist with curbside voting for two voters with COVID-19. “It took us a long time to get them to be able to vote properly,” he said. “They were so appreciative. They both said, ‘We’re so thankful that you’re able to make it happen for us.’ That stuff is really gratifying.”


Brost said the experience left him feeling better about the country. “I definitely look forward to doing it in the future whenever possible.”


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