Kaplan Quoted in HR Exchange Network Discussing Vaccine Mandates and the Safe Return to Work

26 May 2021 HR Exchange Network News

Partner Daniel Kaplan was quoted on the HR Exchange Network, taking part in a podcast titled “Ep. 64 Vaccine Mandates and the Safe Return to Work,” discussing the CDC’s new guidance that fully vaccinated individuals don’t need to wear a mask in most situations.

Kaplan told the HR Exchange Network, “Depending on what state you operate in, the state OSHA laws are a little different. California has specific requirements for masking or not masking, what industries require masking, which industries do you conduct contact tracing, which industries do you have to send employees home and pay them while they’re home? So, it comes down to knowing your state law, and then getting comfortable with what that state’s administration wants to see from a state workplace.”

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