Andrew Lee Discusses NFT Copyright Laws

05 February 2022 The Street News

Foley & Lardner LLP Of Counsel Andrew Lee was featured in the article, “HitPiece Website Wanted to Sell Unauthorized Artist NFTs (It Didn't Go Well),” in The Street discussing copyright laws for NFTs following HitPiece’s unauthorized NFT sales of artists’ music.

Lee said, “There may be some open questions about precisely how copyright law applies to any particular NFT" and "there may also be jurisdictional questions given the decentralized, and worldwide nature of blockchains, and challenges resulting from the anonymity inherent in many crypto transactions," but “one thing is clear… use of a copyrighted work in a commercial manner requires permission from the party or parties that own or control that copyright.”

His comments were also included in another article from The Street titled, “Nike Sues a Rival to Dominate the Metaverse Sneakers.”