Foley Partner Don Schroeder Comments on Labor Laws Surrounding Employers Disciplining Pro-Putin Employees

09 March 2022 Law360 News

Foley Partner Don Schroeder was quoted in a Law360 article, “Pro-Putin Workers May Pose Legal Conundrum for Employers,” about the labor laws surrounding whether an employer can discipline an employee who vocally professes support for Russian President Vladimir Putin after he authorized a military invasion of Ukraine.

“Like any topic that may be controversial, I think the question becomes whether or not something is done in violation of the company’s current policies or code of conduct and where the conduct occurred,” Schroeder said. “Like everything, you’ve got to be consistent in how you apply your policies.”

Schroeder said employers should look at the whole situation to determine if any company policies were violated, including where and in what context an employee’s problematic statements occurred and how the company handled similar situations involving hot-button political issues in the past.

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As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, so too do new business and legal implications for companies around the world. For more information on how to mitigate risk and protect your business, contact a Foley lawyer today.

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