Don Schroeder Quoted on Surge in Unionization Efforts

25 April 2022 Corporate Counsel News

Partner Donald (Don) Schroeder was quoted in an article in Corporate Counsel entitled, “Progressive’ Companies May Land in Crosshairs as Unionization Efforts Surge,” detailing the unintended consequences that companies embracing progressive values might face in the wake of a unionization movement.

Schroeder shared: “I think that as companies try to attract new talent in a very hot labor market—as they attempt to appeal to people by espousing what some would call progressive values—unions are now trying to flip that on its head and argue, ‘Well, if you’re so progressive, you should be open to unionization efforts.”

He also added that “there are a lot of reasons why even a progressive company would not necessarily want a union, including the fact that in a progressive company one of the values or tenets that’s usually communicated is the openness of communication and the level of transparency.”

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