Daljit Doogal Discusses the Importance of Connectivity, In-Person Firm Retreats

08 June 2022 The American Lawyer News

Foley & Lardner LLP Chairman and CEO Daljit Doogal is quoted in the article, “'There's Nothing Like In-Person': Law Firms Return to Hosting Face-to-Face Retreats,” by The American Lawyer about how Foley and the legal industry at large are returning to in-person retreats, primarily because personal interactions promote teamwork and the firm's culture.

“An in-person retreat is important because the firm is rolling out a new strategic plan, and there have been some leadership changes, including [my] recent move into [my] new role,” said Doogal. He continued, “We thought it was very important to be together, just to get that team feeling” when discussing Foley’s upcoming all-lawyer retreat this fall. “The main goal is to have people spend time together, for example, teams of people who work for clients together to talk about the client, and spend some time together.”

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