GCs Must Stay Abreast of Legislative Actions

04 August 2008 Publication

TGCFReport, In-House Texas

Pity the general counsel who is summoned before the board of directors or CEO in order to explain a newly passed Texas law that will negatively impact the company’s bottom line. And worse, it was one no one seemed to have seen coming. No one wants to be put in the position to deliver such a message, especially in such an unstable business climate.

As a result, corporations are looking increasingly toward legislative consultants to help stay ahead of the actions of the Legislature and to assist in helping create the best possible statutory environment for their industry. These consultants are often key in successfully seeking – or preventing – the enactment of laws that impact their client’s position in the marketplace.

The specific changes they seek may even help place these aggressive companies at a competitive advantage relative to their competitors. Businesses that are not involved in the legislative process are sometimes shocked to find out that a law has recently passed that lessens — or ends — its ability to compete in the marketplace.

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