E-Neutrals, E-Mediation and Special Masters: An Introductory Guide

02 July 2012 Publication

Texas Lawyer

Without belaboring the obvious, e-discovery has changed litigation forever. Virtually all information is electronic, and consequently e-discovery now impacts every suit and trial. However few judges and lawyers are trained to understand modern information technology (IT). As a result they rely on IT professionals to help them understand e-discovery issues and specific electronically stored information (ESI).

The State Bar of Texas, the American Bar Association and a myriad of other continuing legal education providers offer regular training to help judges and lawyers better understand e-discovery and how to manage ESI.

E-neutrals also can help. These are individuals, neutral to the litigation, who can help guide the litigants and the courts through the complexities of ESI to try to minimize costly motion practice and at the same time allow parties to better control the e-discovery process.

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