Recent U.S. Patents Granting for Treatment of Hydraulic Fracturing Waters

07 October 2012 Cleantech & Nano Publication

We continue to monitor patent literature for water and liquid treatment technologies related to hydraulic fracturing. This technology is especially important for western Pennsylvania, the center of the Marcellus Shale region. Yesterday, for example, I listened to a speech by Carnegie Mellon University’s president which stressed the importance of this technology. CMU has a new energy center which will include work in this area. CMU has also published a research guide on hydraulic fracturing.

Recent patents in 2012 which relate directly or indirectly to this subject include 8,273,320 (FracPure Holdings); 8,226,832 (NCH Ecoservices); 8,211,296 (NCH Ecoservices); 8,171,993 (Heat On-the-Fly); 8,158,097 (FracPure Holdings); 8,119,007 (MIT); 8,110,115 (Ibex); 8,105,488 (Anticline Disposal); 8,105,492 (Baker Hughes); and 8,132,632 (ConocoPhillips).

Integrated Water Technologies has an interesting, lengthy video which summarizes the FracPure process. The process includes the water supply, water treatment, and extracting solids from the treated waters.

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