Strangest Day in Court: The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing

16 December 2016 Publication


Partner Randy D. Gordon, chair of the Firm’s antitrust and trade regulation practice, recently published an article with Law360 as part of the publication’s monthly series featuring trial lawyers’ most memorable days in court. Mr. Gordon discussed his court date that coincided with the Oklahoma City bombing.

“A couple of blocks into my walk I heard a very loud, muffled ‘Boom!’” said Mr. Gordon. “… A couple of blocks up ahead, I could see other pedestrians hunkered down, with their arms folded protectively over their heads … By the time I made it back to the courthouse, guards had blocked the entrance, and they turned me and all others away. I later learned that the explosion had blown the windows out of our courtroom and that the jurors had jumped from their seats and dashed from the building. Plainly, there would be a mistrial. But it would be many hours before I knew exactly what had happened.”

The full article can be accessed here.

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