Risks in the Offshore Energy Industry in Mexico

01 August 2017 Publication
Author(s): Daniel Aranda Alejandro N Gomez-Strozzi

The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Shipping Law 2017

The opening of the Mexican energy industry in December 2013 presented both new challenges and opportunities to investors. As in other parts of the world, the Mexican offshore energy industry has been lucrative but not isolated from risks, whether intrinsic to the nature of the work itself, or stemming from contractual or statutory provisions. Prior to the Mexico energy reform, risks associated with exploration of a well were assumed by Pemex as the operator, such as in the Ixtoc 1 case; however, since 2014, all the players in the offshore energy industry are exposed. Moreover, such risks have continued to expand in light of the new statute, regulations and rulings by the Mexican Supreme Court.

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