Simon Quoted on Emerging Administration FCPA Policies

30 July 2018 Agenda (A Financial Times Service) Publication
Author(s): David W. Simon
Partner David W. Simon has been quoted in Agenda, an online Financial Times service, in an article entitled “FCPA: No Relief in Sight for Directors,” which samples the expertise in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Anti-Corruption law of attorneys across the legal industry. The article explores what has changed, and what has not, in the government’s approach to FCPA investigations and policies since President Trump assumed office, and what to watch for in the future.

Mr. Simon suggested that the administration’s anti-piling-on and the corporate enforcement policy represent an emerging paradigm in the government’s approach to investigations. “[These are] manifestations of an attempt to provide a little bit more structure and certainty for corporations,” he told reporter Jennifer Williams-Alvarez. “I think that’s a positive thing and probably reflective of the new administration.”

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