EPA Extends Deadline for Manufacturers and Importers Under the TSCA Fees Rule to June 15, 2020

28 May 2020 Legal News: Environmental Publication
Authors: Mia Lombardi

EPA recently announced that the comment period and deadline for self-reporting under the TSCA Fees Rule has now been extended to June 15, 2020.

Under the TSCA Fees Rule, EPA is authorized to collect fees from manufacturers of chemicals identified by EPA for risk evaluations. As a result, EPA is requiring all manufacturers (which includes importers) of the 20 chemicals currently slated for risk evaluations to self-report to EPA so it can assess fees to these manufacturers on a pro-rata basis.  

As we reported earlier this month, EPA subsequently exempted certain importers of articles and manufacturers of by-products and impurities from this reporting requirement. Entities falling under the exemption that were on EPA’s Preliminary List or that had already self-identified had until May 27, 2020 to inform EPA they were exempt to avoid being placed on the Final List.

With this extension, subject manufacturers and exempt parties now have until June 15 to complete their certifications.


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