Natural Resources, Petroleum & Pipelines

The extraction, processing, and transportation of natural resources such as crude oil and natural gas present unique environmental challenges and extensive regulation. Effective environmental counsel requires detailed industry knowledge and insights.

Foley’s environmental team has deep and wide roots in the energy field, including oil and gas development, midstream (pipeline) services, and refining and petrochemical processing. Our team provides transactional support such as due diligence and deal structuring with the benefit of extensive experience so they know what to ask and what to look for. Foley’s environmental team also can provide practical assistance with environmental permitting, regulatory compliance, and regulatory advocacy.

When necessary, Foley’s environmental trial lawyers provide effective advocacy and cost-effective outcomes in environmental litigation, whether it is civil, administrative, or criminal in nature. Understanding the industry, having trusted relationships with regulators, and having already dealt with most types of issues give us the ability to provide clients with wise, timely, and effective advice to address environmental problems.