Key Public Policy Questions

Having a sound public policy strategy in place can have a make-or-break effect on your corporate goals. Consider these questions to determine whether your current strategy meets all of your needs:

  • Can you afford the real cost of government to your company’s bottom line?
  • Do your external stakeholders’ objectives conflict with your mission and strategy?
  • Is the right federal and state legislation in place to allow your industry to meet the challenges of today’s economy?
  • Do your public policy and community plans support your corporate strategy?
  • Do your competitors have a better shot at government contracts than you?
  • Does your corporate leadership know what to do if a crisis hits?
  • Do you know what your customers believe about your product or service?
  • Are your association memberships representing your needs or your competitors’?

When it comes to finding the answers, our Public Policy Practice has the experience and the resources you need — for all of your public policy issues.