Katie Schoettler Authors Article on the Federal Response to Recent Banking Developments

31 March 2023 Banking Exchange News

Foley & Lardner LLP Director of Public Affairs Katie Schoettler authored the article, “The federal response to recent banking developments – what is it and why does it matter?” published in Banking Exchange.

Schoettler outlines potential actions Congress and the Biden administration are likely to take in the wake of recent banking developments in the U.S. Drawing on previous lessons learned in the 2008 financial crisis, Schoettler explains the layered response that is necessary from Washington.

“It is clear that there is an important needle to be threaded when it comes to balancing appropriate regulations and business needs to ensure we keep the economy flush,” Schoettler writes. “Navigating the federal government and the complex regulatory and legislative ecosystem is a job on its own. Understanding Washington’s political landscape and how it plays a role in crafting policy makes it even more nuanced.”


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