Government Solutions

Foley’s Government Solutions attorneys provide a full range of legal and public policy counsel to clients on any matters related to federal, state, and local government.

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Government Solutions Attorneys

As mere examples, we can help guide you through all steps of the government bid process — initial planning, contract negotiations, and maintaining ongoing compliance. Additionally, we offer regulatory and compliance counseling in the areas of food and beverages, drugs, and medical devices, as well as transportation and motor vehicle safety. We also provide counsel on issues related to immigration. For decades our State Attorneys General and FTC Consumer practices have represented clients with exposure to unfair & deceptive trade practice and antitrust allegations in retail, health care, and other industries.  Our FOIA and State Public Information Act practitioners assist individuals and entities obtain and protect protecting information in the government’s possession. When it comes to politics, our attorneys are recognized in campaign finance, election law and lobbying, and ethics compliance and regulation. Our Public Policy Practice combines comprehensive counsel with proficiency in government relations, political law, strategic positioning, and communications. Our practitioners provide assistance to entities facing challenges raised by increasing, and sometimes conflicting, ESG issues at the federal and state level.  Our Brussels office provides assistance to those operating in the EEU.

Government Solutions Practices

Our Government Solutions Practices offer clients a variety of government-oriented services at the federal and state level including:

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation and compliance
  • Economic Development & Government Incentives
  • EEU
  • FOIA and State Public Information Act
  • Government procurement
  • Immigration, nationality, and consular issues
  • Political law, ethics, and campaign finance
  • Public policy, lobby, and strategic communications
  • NHTSA and motor vehicle safety
  • Surface transportation regulatory issues
  • State Attorneys General
  • FTC Consumer Protection
  • ESG