Craig Dillard Discusses the Prospect of U.S. Lithium Mining

08 November 2022 Automotive World News

Foley & Lardner LLP Partner Craig Dillard is quoted in the Automotive World article, “US lithium mining: not if, but when,” discussing the likelihood of future U.S. lithium mining operations as the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues surrounding in-demand rare metals evolve worldwide.

“Often, a public policy perspective, as well as a regulatory perspective, will drive countries to look at what has worked for other countries—and what hasn’t,” Dillard said. “If the regulation is a success or a workable policy in the EU, I expect lawmakers to push similar regulations in the US. We must do this from a traceability perspective and to ensure that battery materials aren’t sourced from places they shouldn’t be.”

Dillard explained that one way the U.S. might meet the high demand for lithium while ensuring ethical and environmentally friendly sourcing is to introduce mining at home.

“Ultimately, I think the US will add additional lithium mines. It’s a when—not an if,” Dillard added.

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