Waste Management

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Foley’s environmental attorneys can help you solve waste management problems under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and state law counterparts. We can help you address every aspect of waste management regulation, and our experience includes:

  • Managing a week’s long RCRA inspection at multiple locations of a manufacturer
  • Successfully resolving civil and criminal enforcement arising out of warehouses filled with returned pharmaceuticals and related products
  • Advising on RCRA and contractual issues in a complex demolition of an industrial facility with multiple contractors, operators, generators and consultants
  • Counseling NASA’s primary contractor for the space shuttle program on all types of waste issues for over 20 years
  • Resolving numerous of DOT and FAA hazardous material enforcement actions
  • Providing a lead role in helping several clients re-develop abandoned landfills as residential, mixed use or commercial projects


We can advise you on the complex process of waste determination, applicability of exemptions, compliance policies, and reduction of regulatory burdens.


Our attorneys can assist a permit team in obtaining or modifying RCRA permits. One aspect we can help you with includes carefully examining exemptions and operational changes which could eliminate the need for a permit. We also work on state waste management permits including controversial landfill projects with extensive public opposition.

Corrective Action

Foley’s environmental team can guide you through all aspects of RCRA corrective action programs including negotiation of permits and orders and creating remediation programs using risk based approaches and allowing for transfer of impacted properties.


Our extensive experience in RCRA as civil, criminal and administrative enforcement actions will allow us to efficiently negotiate favorable settlements for your organization, often with substantial reductions in penalties.

Citizen Suits

We defend companies from citizen suits and imminent and substantial endangerment claims. Our experience allows us to work towards early settlement or dismissal of these cases.