Foley Private Client Services

For almost a century, Foley Private Client Services has been providing wealth administration services to the firm’s most affluent clients by supporting the trust administration needs of Foley attorneys serving as trustees. Foley Private Client Services: Securing your legacy. Administering your wealth.

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With wealth comes responsibility. Certainly, that sense of responsibility resonates in every aspect of your life today. This responsibility takes on greater significance for your family beyond your lifetime.

  • How will your values ultimately shape your legacy and your family?
  • What do you desire for your children and grandchildren?
  • Will the responsibility that accompanies wealth strengthen and inspire, or damage them?
  • Who will provide the measured, objective judgment necessary to ensure your legacy thrives and creates harmony rather than discord?

You and your Foley attorney likely have spent a good deal of time planning for the years ahead — establishing a will and trust, discussing your estate plan, and solidifying your wishes. These are not easy plans to make, which is why you trust your attorney to help guide you through the process.

You have come to count on your attorney for his or her sound judgment and solid advice. Your attorney has a sense of your wishes and has the independent judgment needed to carry them out. When you have considered the alternatives and ask your attorney to become your trustee and play a more active role with your family and the administration of your wealth, you formalize this unique relationship.