Borrower Representation Services

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We represent both public and private borrowers in a broad cross-section of industries in every form of sophisticated finance transaction. We work with your team to structure transactions, negotiate effectively, and reduce the burden of covenant compliance. With a focus on the specific needs of borrower clients, we can assist you with transactions that are secured and unsecured; senior and subordinated; investment-grade and below-investment grade; revolving and term; syndicated, participated, and bilateral; and domestic and international multicurrency credit agreements and facilities. Additionally, we are active in the emerging alternative debt and venture debt markets and can explore opportunities in these new markets for you.

In addition to our transactional representation, we can provide you with general finance advice and help you resolve issues before they become problems. We can provide counsel regarding: compliance with credit facilities; implications of proposed transactions under credit facilities; strategic opportunities available under credit facilities; swaps and other derivative transactions; the structure and implementation of lease and vendor financing programs; and credit card processing services.