Bank Regulatory Compliance

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Our interdisciplinary team of attorneys is well positioned to provide skilled counsel to help you address all types of bank regulatory issues stemming from a variety of transactions. We can assist you in a broad range of regulatory and compliance issues, including:

  • Merger and acquisition transactions, including transactions involving distressed institutions
  • Purchases and sales of branches and branch networks
  • Structuring trust and wealth management activities
  • Issuance of commercial paper and other securities
  • Sales of loans and loan portfolios
  • Compliance with the full range of regulatory requirements
  • Structuring new activities to minimize compliance risks
  • Responding to criticism in examination reports
  • Defending banks and their officers and directors against enforcement actions by bank regulators
  • Managing Dodd-Frank-related issues surrounding derivative activities
  • Addressing control issues for private equity investors and other minority shareholders in banks and bank holding companies, including negotiating with bank regulators
  • Work-out transactions involving troubled banks and bank holding companies, including bankruptcy proceedings
  • Structuring transactions with financial institutions to minimize issues with the FDIC in the event of a receivership
  • Dealing with the FDIC if a receivership does occur