Arbitrage Rebate Determinations and Strategies in Public Finance

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Helping Bond Issuers, Corporate Trustees, and Conduit Borrowers

Arbitrage Rebate Company is part of Foley & Lardner LLP’s nationwide Public Finance Practice.  Our bond attorneys have completed billions of dollars in municipal securities transactions each year, and our practice is one of the largest in the U.S.  We have provided arbitrage rebate services since federal tax law imposed the rebate requirement in 1985.

Arbitrage Rebate Company maintains a full-time professional accounting staff to work on your arbitrage rebate matters.  Each staff member has an extensive background in arbitrage rebate, gained from years of hands-on experience, as well as broader training and qualifications in accounting.

In addition to our professional accounting staff, Arbitrage Rebate Company includes other essential practitioners — attorneys experienced in tax and bond law.  Our attorneys identify ways to reduce rebate liability and are ultimately responsible for assuring compliance with the arbitrage rebate regulations.

Arbitrage Rebate Compliance Services

Our job is to enable your compliance.  With the help of our accounting staff members, we review your account statements covering bond proceeds and prepare a fully documented rebate report explaining our determination.  Unlike other providers, we deliver our legal opinion to assure you that the determination meets the arbitrage rebate rules.  We also prepare any required filings with the IRS.

What if you have a rebate liability?  With the help of our tax attorneys, we fully consider money-saving rebate strategies so you pay the smallest amount possible.  Some choices may have consequences beyond rebate, and we will thoroughly review those consequences with you.

Our staff does everything it can to make the process easy for you.  We speak in plain English, we focus on the details, and we are available when you need us.  Our commitment to service speaks for itself, but we urge you to contact our clients for references.

Typical arrangements provide for either annual, interim or five-year rebate computations.  You can contact us for fee quotes at [email protected].

Who We Work With

  • State and local governments
  • Underwriters
  • Private placement agents
  • Bond insurers
  • Banks
  • Corporate and nonprofit obligors