Swaps and Derivatives

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We are able to provide you with comprehensive legal services related to swaps and derivatives transactions, represent you in litigation relating to government investigations of swaps and derivatives transactions, and obtain the necessary patents for various structures. We understand how federal and international tax issues relating to derivatives products, including the rules affecting derivative products used with tax-exempt financings, may affect your business.

For end-user transactions, we will provide you with derivatives counseling in connection with publicly offered and private financings, as well as investment and pension funds. Our experience covers a broad range of derivative products, including interest rate swaps, caps, and bands; credit default derivatives; currency and foreign exchange derivatives; total return derivatives; equity derivatives; commodities derivatives; and swap-based indices embedded in debt securities.

We will share our experience with the regulation of exchange-traded derivatives and market participants under the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) and federal securities laws, as well as CEA implications for over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives — including special rules for derivatives on agricultural commodities — and forex trading. We also will counsel you on how to bring commodity-based exchange traded funds to market.