U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedules

Government Procurement Hero Image.

The GSA Multiple Award Schedule program consists of nearly five million products and services, provided by approximately 9,000 vendors. As all federal agencies and other authorized entities and organizations may acquire products and services from the GSA Schedule, these contract vehicles are an excellent platform for you to market and sell your products to the federal government. We provide a multitude of GSA contracting services, from pre-proposal submission to post-award performance, including:

  • Explaining the requirements and limitations of GSA contracting to help you decide whether GSA or traditional contracting methods are most suitable
  • Developing price proposals and pricing strategies
  • Providing the appropriate commercial sales practices information
  • Negotiating the contract with GSA’s procurement officials
  • Creating value-added sales and marketing strategies
  • Supporting post-award contract compliance with most-favored customer pricing, the Trade Agreements Act, and industrial funding fee requirements